Taylor Greenmoor


Taylor Greenmoore grew up in Ascalon City, the only child of a family that managed to get by even if rough patches (finance-wise) were fairly common. His father never had a steady job and often used Taylor in cons or thefts in order to feed the family. And he was truly used; his father never seemed to pay him any more attention than was necessary to get the job done. His mother either didn’t know or didn’t care about their illegal activities, she just did what she could to keep Taylor from finding out how bad things were sometimes.

Taylor moved out as soon as he was able to support himself, becoming a loner and a (skillful) petty thief, and eventually a footsoldier in the army. He rarely saw his parents, only coming by to catch up with his mother on occasion and provide what money he could. Both of them died in the Scorching.

He has a healthy respect for law and order, preferring the comfort of being told what to do and not having to worry too much about it. However if he is under a superior he can’t respect, he becomes useless for anything beyond doing the bare minimum or saving his own skin, withdrawing to the point where he barely even talks with his fellow soldiers.

Taylor thinks of himself as a fairly average guy just trying to lead a normal life as a footsoldier, but he is very much a loyal person. He floundered under the command of relatively incompetent men, merely surviving without really enjoying or hating his life. Despite this, his skill meant that he accomplished and survived orders that should by all rights have gotten him killed, and he was promoted quickly and soon caught the eye of the Prince and was transferred into the Vanguard. After being under the direct command of the Prince and the Prince’s hand-picked officers, Taylor’s respect for Prince Rurik has grown and solidified into a major aspect of who Taylor is.

His respect for Prince Rurik has led him into doing things the Prince asks that he normally wouldn’t do, and being suddenly given the position of Councillor and looked to specifically by the Prince for advice or opinion has left him dazed and flattered; he wants to do all he possible can to live up to the Prince’s expectations. Normally he is fairly passive and leaves the planning or any negotiations to his respected party members, but between the obligation to the Prince and the responsibility of hundreds of lives he has become much more likely to speak out and argue for what he believes would be the right choice.

Socially, Taylor is fairly plain; he puts on no airs in conversation, speaks simply, and is somewhere between unpracticed and oblivious when it comes to the more decadent social customs and decorum. He isn’t a poor speaker when he’s comfortable and knows what he wants out of a conversation, but often fumbles or uses confusing wording in situations he’s not used to.

The Three As: He respects their combat and tactical ability, but has always been somewhat concerned and put off by their radical idealism. He trusts them with his life and would unthinkingly give his life to save theirs, but isn’t particularly connected with them on a personal level and would think nothing much of being assigned to a different unit. The ideological differences never truly concerned Taylor, but they have begun to stress the relationship with Ardel and Alderis as their irresponsible decisions will affect the lives of Taylor’s entire people. Beyond simply their idealism, Alderis has seemed overly preoccupied with Thackery, and though he was largely okay with Alderis and Coco going out to find Tolis’s scouting party he is very concerned with Alderis’s reaction to Thackeray’s punishment.

Arden, on the other hand, seems to have grown out of blindly following his idealism and accepts that certain things are necessary as a leader. He still fights for his beliefs, though, and will work to find a solution he agrees with where it’s possible. This seems almost more in line with his beliefs than is ever obvious on the battlefield, where his beliefs can seem like something he tells himself without yet realizing it’s a lie.

Even if Taylor was not close to Ardel, Ardel is by far the most respected comrade of Taylor’s who has ever died. He will definitely not be unaffected by the loss.

Kalka: After countless fights and interrogations with charr, he has always known that charr respond much as humans do to combat and pain, so it doesn’t surprise him that they can turn for much the same reason as humans do. Taylor is rather fond of Kalka, and essentially has been since meeting her. She’s straightforward, and has a sort of passive-aggressive spunk to her that he enjoys, and as a Councillor has shown that she knows how a military works and that holding your tongue is the right thing to do if you have nothing to contribute and no real stake in the conversation. She’s fucking terrifying, but she has never seemed to have any intention of actually hurting him or his allies, and he feels close enough to her to annoy her by insisting on calling her Coco.

Morgan: Taylor sees her as someone normal he can talk to, with whom he can relax and let his guard down a little and not have to worry about how his words will affect those who are around him in battle, let alone hundreds of his people and comrades. Their conversations can be a little awkward at times, but it’s honestly a welcome break from being around powerful well spoken leaders (espeicially when he’s expected to be one of them). He has semi-consciously forgotten to sell off some of his loot after wondering if Morgan might like it, and has begun to dabble a bit in alchemy.

Thackeray: Though Taylor trusts the opinions of those around him, he hasn’t fought enough with Thackery to truly assess his abilities. After the situation with Tolis, Taylor believes that some punishment is good to keep Thackeray from becoming too much like Ardel and Alderis.

Tolis: Taylor has seen enough stupid, vindictive officers to immediately write Tolis off as worthless after the situation with Thackeray, but being an officer in the Vanguard is an entirely different situation and Taylor is incredibly hesitant to make a judgement on him.

Taylor Greenmoor

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